Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Let's Hear It For the Cats

I recently saw a "Huffington Comedy" video that made me laugh like a two year old on crack. A montage of video clips culled from You Tube, it showed cats and dogs in their proverbial war - only this time it was the cats who intimidated the dogs.

Shot by homegrown videographers with pets of both the feline and canine species, time and again the dogs were too terrified to pass the family cat, whether it be on a stairwell, in a hallway, or through a doorway leading to another room. The cats were all about the same size but the dogs ranged in potency from large boxers to little dogs of indeterminate parentage. 

Every dog that has ever entered my house has gone after my beloved cats with a vengeance (even my very own beloved dog Jade, since passed on). Thus, the sight of a cat terrifying a dog - simply by its lounging about presence - evoked hilarity and a sense of poetic justice.

However, when I browsed through hundreds of comments on the "Huffington Comedy" site, I was horrified. Apparently, the world is full of cat haters that associate them with evil forces and arbiters of no good.

So for the sake of my furry friends that purr, I wish to say that if "...a dog is a man's best friend," then "...a cat is a human's best vibe checker."

So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

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