Thursday, December 18, 2014

Anthony Bourdain's Downhill Spiral

Anthony Bourdain was once my favorite host/commentator/chef/ethnographer, even ranking as the subject of two glowing blogs during his previous season. Alas, as the kitchen television blared his new show in Sicily and the merry widow made dinner, his statements were such a turnoff that the god-of-truth-speaking fell off his pedestal.

For the appetizer, he touted that he was too depressed to stay sober (thanks to a dearth of live swimming food in the water) so he sashayed off to a café and proudly admitted that he was so smashed that he doesn't remember the evening shoot - dinner at the "chosen" restaurant. The Italian resteranteur who had dreamed of this break must have experienced a nightmare.

For the main course, Bourdain admitted deep shock from a second bad experience shooting a show in Italy. His desire: to lay on his hotel bed, watch porn, and take handfuls of prescription pills. Sadly, his hotel did not have a television although he probably travels with a stash of la la land drugs.

Strike two. All the thirty-somethings watching this show now have a really good role model. If Anthony can do it, so can....

And for dessert, Bourdain's facscinating description of how to grow a tasty pig was truly nuts. Of course it's good to know that swine fed on healthy foods and treated well make tastier flesh. But when he said that he would love to lift a gun to the head of one of these brilliant animals and off it, to then enjoy its meat, the umpire called, "Strike out."

Of course the rest of the show explained his pathetic state. Not having been invited to a dinner at his mother's house since 1972 and deprived of a grandma, he craves the wonderful world of cuisine where he neurosis can be fed a meal from doting fans.

OK, so the guy doesn't have to be a happy camper. He got famous for being a candid and refreshing television host. But like so many, it has turned his head and he has lost his way in the land of Hubris...the place where all fucked up famous people land.

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