Friday, December 12, 2014

Dick Cheney, War Criminal

With the public revelation of systematic torture by the C.I.A., a policy engineered by the Bush administration, something we already knew appeared in black and white (as in printed documents). Although George Junior has remained characteristically nonverbal, Dick, on the otherhand, has publically expressed no regrets.

This outright confession warms my heart. Theoretically, it means that he can be prosecuted for wanton violation of the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights - among other international laws pertaining to the humane treatment of prisoners.

Dick, in all senses of the word, had waxed rhapsodic about the new ticker that renewed his lease on life. No longer would he gasp his way through the woods toting his shotgun to take down a deer or duck or a friend. Oh joy!

It remains a total mystery that a man who can appreciate the heartache of sickness and the joy of good health and freedom NOT understand that others might want that too. Even more puzzling is that interrogators have substantially more successful outcomes when they befriend a prisoner. Torture apparently is a less effective method.

How about a national movement to indite the Dick so that he can spend the rest of his life behind bars enjoying his nice new heart?


  1. Well, they have made the United States their big prison. There's doubt as to whether either he or Bush junior can actually leave the country.

  2. I think Dubya should go too. He's not as dumb as he seems


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