Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Tonight I went to the Apple Store in the Thousand Oaks Mall to have my laptop fixed. Unrelated to the naughty Macbook Pro event - but as with all machines - my indispensable Nutribullet had died. I needed a new one badly. But instead of going to Bed Bath & Beyond (my daughter sent me a coupon) my brain kept saying, "Go to Macy's."

I never go to Macy's but I was in the mall afterall and my brain was nagging me with the chant, " Macy's Macy's Macy's Macy's." So I forced myself to enter their home department with its overly bright flourescent lighting and a staggering array of kitchen paraphernalia.

Deciding to splurge, I got the more powerful Magic Bullet but the box was big, heavy, and I was also schlepping my laptop. I staggered with full arms toward a distant counter, where a demure little lady with neat black hair and wire rimmed glasses waited for me.

She observed the uneven and labored gait I displayed unabashedly, but stayed behind her counter fortress. Only when I was one foot away did she step out from behind her barrier to assist me in heaving the Magic Bullet onto the counter. I was ready to make a judgement about her stoic, unmoving stance as she watched me struggle 100 feet towards her (and the store was as quiet as a morgue) when I noticed her name tag. Resurrection. When asked if some event had prompted that name she answered, "Yes" but proffered no further explanation. 

"Just call me Rezzie," she repeated three times.

And then she said the store was offering a 50% discount only good starting tomorrow but that she would give it to me today. Secret offering. Someone else passed by and she barked at them, "Sale starts tomorrow" as they slinked away. Then turning back to me me, she calculated my 24 hour premature sales price, gave me a 20% off coupon for any makeup I might want (had she noticed my beady red eyes from over consumption of computer time?) and away I went, now dragging the Magic Bullet box in an over-sized plastic bag .

Thanks to the Resurrection woman, I was gifted with over a $100 savings and had my faith restored in magic and the human power of choice. She had pierced my bedraggled state and happy-sad heart with her mind and reached out to me with the powerful gesture of one who holds the keys to the register ... and a peculiar form of resurrection.


  1. Mama you are a writer!! Power of choice... wonderful!! Peleg

  2. You are such an excellent writer!! ...power of choice!!! Nice to obey oneself 'instincts'' Peleg


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