Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Judgement Day

Many religions have the concept of a judgement day, where a soul meets its Maker and must account for all doings good, bad, or indifferent. And others are simply superstitious and do things like spitting to ward off the evil eye, or some such nonsense.

In truth,  judgement day arrives not on the dawn of our departure from the mortal coil, but operates from second to second in our daily life. No god on high sits on a mighty throne hurling thunderbolts at us sinners, nor is there a jury of super angels herding us off to heaven or hell.

 It is our own conscience at work which lets us know whether our actions are right or wrong. Key operative  words: "our ownconscience. Who else is qualified to pass judgement? Only in the deep recesses of our minds can we dare admit to ourselves that which we do as harmful or truthful. For who are we to pass judgement on another?

One of my favorite sayings these days is, "Mind your own spiritual business." May we allow each other our lessons, without giving out grades on how the other is performing. We all end up as dirt, one way or another. Death is the great equalizer.

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