Thursday, October 16, 2014

Alone Together

The famed author Joan Didion wrote that true grief feels as if one were the only person left living on earth; a sentiment echoed by many others who have suffered the death of a mate. While this perception has merit, as experienced firsthand by this blogger, in fact we are not alone as lone survivors in the shipwreck of life.

The spirit of a loved one does in fact exist. While invisible, the feeling/being of that person can envelop you so deeply that you feel whole again, at one with the being that was lost to this life. Said entity has a life of its own, responding sometimes in predictable patterns but then again so full of surpirses too that one becomes a believer in the mate-in-spirit paradigm.

As comforting as that out of body connection may be - even bringing tears to my eyes when it happens - somehow the earthly touch, the physical body, cannot be replaced by a lovely visitation. In that sense, aloneness is palpable and painfully real.

They say that time heals all wounds, and that time is also elastic. As comforting as those truisms may be, it makes me wonder if somehow the fabric of time could be bent a little closer to speed up the healing. Any quantum physicists out there with a method?

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