Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happiness Is A Chemical Event

If each person could have a moment to moment tool - a roadmap which diagnosed the precise needs of the mortal coil - perfect health in body/mind could be achieved at all times.

Instead we rely on blood tests, CAT scans, muscle testing, shamans, shrinks, denial, and other forms of diagnosis to attempt the state of well-being and most often failing miserably.

Case in point. I avoid sugar like the plague. (Thank you God for creating the stevia plant.) Sugar in all forms usually makes me feel weak, sick, and is touted to be the major culprit for many a bodily imbalance. And yet, in a "what the fuck" moment, I downed a large tablespoon of organic honey, produced with compliments from the bees of the Pacific Northwest.

In about five minutes, my energy rose to a blissful high, my heart chakra screamed with joy, and every cell chortled with glee. Case in point. Despite the fact that my anti-cancer diet recommends avoiding all forms of sugar, my body simply adored that boost from the bees of America.

Even more interesting than my unexpected sugar high were the warm fuzzies generated by a bowl of white bleached non-organic wheat pasta. Another dish that usually makes me comatose, that serving lovingly dished out had a most unexpected result of energy generation and a feeling of well-being.

Who knew?

So as we blunder through diet fads, diet gurus, and a multitude of practial tips, never say never. You might not know what you are missing.

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