Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Love of My Life

In the world of human existence, the love of my life is my husband of thirty years. As I write this, he lies upstairs, breathing with the help of oxygen while lung cancer takes its vicious toll.

Fourteen years ago I took a weekend seminar called "Compassion in Action," conceived by Damion Brinkley. He had been struck by lightening and jolted into a death state, with no vital signs for the next 30 minutes. But to the shock of all present, he came back to life, this time with voluminous knowledge of the angelic planes and other realms of Light heretofore unknown to him.

After the seemingly improbable event, this Vietnam War veteran made it his mission to train people to sit with dying veterans in hospitals - choosing the lonely souls with no family or friends except their torn up bodies.

Part of the exercise during this seminar was to imagine, and then write on paper, what it would be like to die - the time, place, circumstance, who would be at your side, and so on. I wrote the imagined details of my passing, lying peacefully in my bedroom with family gathered around. But as my earthly body came to the dividing line between life and death, every single human relation fell away and the Buddha appeared, resplendent in a sunburst of light that seemed to fill all space.

The meaning of "Buddha"  is awakened mind. Whether you name that expanse of being as Buddha, God, Jesus, Allah, Yaweh, Great Spirit, and so on, the real love of my life is the very light that infuses us with consciousness - and the ability to love the human loves of our lives.


  1. I have always enjoyed your posts Carole. This was in highly emotional and I can understand that since it speaks directly to the feelings at this times of hardships in your family. Stay strong, Our hearts and minds are with you at this time


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