Friday, June 13, 2014

Future Vision

"Future vision" sounds like a television with some sort of landmark technological acheivement - maybe a holographic, interactive television show where we are part of the action in 3D and can also influence the trajectory of the plot as we interact with the other characters that are projected into a 3rd dimensional space.

In this case, the reference to "future vision" isn't so sexy. It simply refers to the act of imaging the future and putting yourself in that scenario to acclimate to its inevitability - so that when you arrive at that time and place, you will have been there in your imagination so many times that it is no longer strange and unreal. Without this kind of pre-rehersal, the worst case scenario might occur - a strange place of deeply personal dislocation; a place to go mad.

Knowing this to be true to a certain degree, rehearsing future scenarios is one of my part time occupations. This fact doesn't imply that I am projecting fear or hope into the unknown; simply imaging various outcomes helps to pre-acclimatize to a situation. It's hard enough to "be there" when you are "there," but a little dose of foreknowledge goes a long way towards acceptance and equanimity.

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