Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Just Say Yes!

Please don't become a drug addict as the result of reading this missive. But I must toast a certain small skin patch that contains a strong narcotic closely resembling synthetic heroin.

After my husband spent week after week tossing and turning from nightfall to dawn - the dreaded time of increased agony in back and legs - finally my favorite Dr. Feelgood came to the rescue. He is an esteemed man of medicine who understands that pain is more destructive to the person with advanced cancer than a narcotic that comes with the risk of addiction -- assuming that the patient will even live long enough to have to kick a habit.

After carefully applying one little patch to the abdominal results....then results....then results...then four...BINGO! For the first time in a month my suffering husband could get up and walk by himself, smiling not only out of gratitude to his nurse (that be me), but also at the joy of an almost pain free stroll from the bedroom to the hallway and out to the terrace where the wind blows sweet green.

Pain is painful. Relief from pain is freedom. And those little magic patches (which cost thousands of dollars a month without medical insurance, BTW, but $42 with insurance) are a ticket to samadhi for those afflicted with monsters invading the body cavity.

So to you, Nancy Regan, I think we should Just Say Yes!


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