The $24,000,000,000 Debacle

If anyone thinks the Kardashians are big spenders, consider Uncle Sam. Apparently, he shells out $52,000 per second to prop Mother Liberty upright so that she doesn't keel over.

Try imagining this amount being dispersed in one dollar bills over the course of a year. Better yet, don't try. No previous observable phenomenon would prepare oneself for this visualization, not even if one were the drug lord of a banging cartel.

The fifteen day government shut down, caused by the intransigence of extremist right wing Congressman, cost no less than $24,000,000,000. This factoid is even more mind-boggling than a blizzard of dollar bills, in terms of spending power squandered.

Tea Party Republicans preferred throwing good money after bad because of "principles," which makes no sense whatsoever because they tossed a bloody fortune down the toilet in the name of saving money. The whole scene reminds me of a bad divorce, where one member of the couple is hell bent on destroying the other with endless lawsuits, leaving the coffers bereft for their kids, and each other for that matter. (But hey, the lawyers are doing swell!)

So what does this factoid signify to the little people who use ATM machines to spit out a few 20's now and then?

One could throw out a few interpretations:

 -- the fox is in charge of the chicken coop and inspite of all the squawking, we're dead meat...

-- our lawmakers suck at math...

-- facts and opinions are interchangeable moving targets...

-- the American empire is crumbling way faster than any of the other big boys (the Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire, to name a few)...

-- the rapture will come and only 144,000 will be left, giving the Tea Party a rousing majority and causing them to dump the tea and use the water to make wine instead...

So in the spirit of bupkis, good morning or good night, depending on where the sun don't shine.


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