Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Father Sun, Mother Earth

Father Sun's rays shine diligently upon Mother Earth. This coy woman receives his glowing attention by turning continually, revealing different aspects of her body depending on the time of day.

But She can be moody and as children of this dynamic duo, we are always at their affect. If Mom decides to cover up one of her parts to hide from Dad, us kids will live under a gray cloak smothering us like an oppressive blanket that sweats rain, snow, or hail. Or, she can withhold that protective shield and allow the wrath of Dad to scorch us with firey heat.

This writer has a mind that absorbs the activities of her heavenly parents on a subconscious level, and she behaves like the unhappy child of divorced parents when Mom blocks Dad from seeing the kids or doesn't guard us from his ire.

So above, so below: children drink in the energies of their parents on a subtle and not so subtle level. Often they grow up as abusers, having been abused -- or loving, having been loved. The happy few notice their subconscious imprints and consciously resolve to evolve them.

What we do has an impact. What we notice has an impact. Today, I resolve to apply mindfulness to my moods, my reactions, and everything else under the sun.

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