Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cutting Through the Gordian Knot

If all the current ills of the world were printed on pieces of computer paper in 1 pt. typeface, they would probably decorate earth's girth many times around, like a giant streamer. As beings with a limited amount of time on this earth, it is impossible for any one person to absorb the oceanic depth and breadth of information available through cyberspace, literature, newspapers, gossip and other unearthly mediums.

Myth has it that Alexander the Great cut through the Gordian Knot with one swift blow of his mighty sword. Thus following his example, rather than trying to untangle the near infinite causes and conditions contributing to the suffering of the many, I prefer to keep it simple and apply one theory to all woes of the world...self-interest.

With the exception of a few tribes here and there, most nations throughout the millennia have expanded incessantly to fulfill ever growing appetites and desires, unfettered by compassion or concern for the weak or the vulnerable. Like the animal kingdom, ours is a societal food chain, currently with America at the top, balanced precariously at this apex of the FDA food group triangle.

Yet there is another side to human nature: those who are dedicated to finding cures for disease, or green solutions to preserve our natural environment; artists to add beauty and insight to our lives; humanitarians who risk it all to serve, and so on and so forth. A garland of compassionate action is the common thread that ties the best of humanity together.

Despite the overwhelming number of crimes against life, we can cut through the morass of misdeeds with the swift blade of love and selfless service. Life may seem complex, but the answers are simple: apply love, compassion, wisdom, equanimity, oneness, justice, forgiveness...and watch the world transform into a heaven on earth.

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