Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ghost Stories

What is a ghost but a disembodied thought form intruding on one's space, disturbing serenity and peace of mind. While the world is awash in spooky ghost sitings and tales of terror, the only ones I have ever met are the figments of my own imagination.

Ghosts stories arise from the recesses of creative brains, which love to imagine scenarios that don't have a substantive reality. Ghosts from the past are people, places and things that haunt our now, pulling us out of present awareness into disassociated realms of discontent or seductive illusions.

The stories we tell ourselves can either horrify or pacify. In either case, the guts of those tales are made of smoke and mirrors, with no objective reality despite all appearances.

The mind will always be the great inventor, spinning endless yarns. But better yet, the one who is watching the stories -- aware, awake, unattached to the version invented by ghostly thoughts -- is the real deal.

After this haunted night of the soul has waned into tomorrow's daylight, All Saint's Day will resurrect the spirit of a love that has no past or present in the eternal now.


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