Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Inspired Depression

The term "inspired depression" might be an oxymoron, but I experienced this state today for the first time after binge-watching The Putin Interviews by Oliver Stone.

To the uninformed and unsuspecting, one might fall in love with Vladimir Putin after watching him skillfully navigate four hours of Q&A. Not only did he exhibit a high degree of intelligence and knowledge, but his seemingly reasonable and rational approach to geo-politics certainly contradicts the narrative going on in the USA. One might develop sympathy for the Russian leader for having to endure the aggressive and bad faith actions of the USA over the past few decades when the Cold War was supposedly over. His narrative was not at odds with my own analysis of the American brand of Imperialism and hypocrisy.

One problem, however, is that something in him appeared as the trickster, one who has mastered the art of trickery. Tricks are by nature deceptive and cause the trickee to fall for the con-illusion. Only in the last hour segment did an element of fear creep into my heart. This is a man who cajoles with an ethnic, folksy wisdom coupled with a laser intellect and savoir faire most unusual, yet this a man who gets even...with avengence.

Despite the admiration that had been brewing in my heart for the first three segments of The Putin Interviews, in the end I was left with that "inspired depression" feeling.

No one's hands are clean - neither the USA or Russia. There is reason and right on both sides. The truth for one is not the truth for the other although the two super-powers talk of peace and global unity in the same oratorical sweep.

Where did the mutual mistrust and suspicion start? Who is telling the truth? Who is defending and who is retaliating? Whose heart is in the right place - when an awful global conflict is brewing again? Who will lay down the sword first and out-stretch a hand? And will that hand be severed in a ploy or will it be truly welcomed?

I, for one, could not untangle the web of illusion Oliver Stone laid out for us in the grand halls of the Kremlin. Nor can I untangle the strangling cords of the American Congress, that seems to have been cast adrift in a sea of uncertainty.

Turning to meditation, prayer and faith is a great idea...but don't forget to watch your back.


  1. As usual, I love your post! I'll watch Putin Interviews too, and I suspect I will feel much like you at the close

  2. In my humble, ill-informed opinion the USA and, as much as I hate to criticise Obama, made the mistake of serially mocking and humiliating Putin. Never a good idea with an adversary - worse, one with a dwarf complex.
    Come what may, Putin's geo-political strategy is to create a safety belt, or cordon of non-Nato countries around Russia. And to "make Russia great again." Heard that before!
    With Putin as Tsar.
    We have also handed the Middle East to him on a platter.
    God alone knows what the future will bring, as US foreign policy is now Twittery.
    As much as one may fear Putin, he is a rational, strategic wizard.
    This leaves the USA as the greatest threat to world peace in the little hands of the Orange man's buffoonery.

    1. I do believe King Rump is the harbinger of chaos of the worst kind.


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