Thursday, June 15, 2017

Big Shit, Little Shit

My son walked in the house the other day with an unexpected remark: "There's a pterodactyl flying around in Port Hueme," the beach community where he is vacationing.

A giant, dragon-like prehistoric bird flew over my head like a jet fighter - in my mind's eye. Observing my quizzical look, Kripa lead me outside and pointed to his car's rear window that was covered with what looked like a bucket of white slime. Big bird had bulls-eyed his vehicle, along with other medium sized birds that left brown poop stains dripping down various car body parts.

Fast forward to an evening of leisure contemplation on the side terrace of my house, where plumes of delicate pink flowers grace a vine clinging to the wall. It is an area frequented by hummingbirds and for good reason. Their delicate little beaks fit perfectly into the tubular, succulent center of the petals.

On this fair night, a hummingbird enroute to the flower restaurant dropped his own bird slime emission so small that it looked like a tiny droplet of water that left nary a trace on the flagstone terrace below.

Shit may be shit, but the bigger the amount that gets dumped, the bigger the mess. This obvious fact does have relevance in our day to day lives. The amount of mess-ups in life are in direct proportion to the size of self-centered egos. The bigger the tale we spin that creates an "us" versus "them" situation, the bigger the scope of conflict, misery and malfeasance.

For those who don't want to shit on others or Mother Earth, it would be well to downsize the ego and light up the god-self. In that evolution of consciousness, what we leave in our wake would remain pristine.

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