Tuesday, May 19, 2015

They All Look Alike

An American who has never traveled throughout Asia, nor has been in contact with an Asia population, will not be able to distinguish between Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Cambodian, Burmese, etc.

Likewise, a friend who lived in Japan told me that many of the more isolated Japanese population can't tell the difference between "white" people because to them, all white people look alike.

In the United States, one of the fundamental problems today is that black males under the age of 60 all look alike to police and other paranoid people who think they might be "gangstas;" thus, the disproportionate numbers of unlawful arrests, imprisonment and death.

Today, finally, the white American male got his due. One of the more abrasive voices to my ear is that of Ashley Banfield CNN, who happens to be on the air about the time my feet hit the kitchen for a cup of Joe. She was reporting on the horrendous gang turf war in Waco, Texas; nine people dead, scores injured, and 170 in jail, each with a million dollar bail (and it's not likely that mommy or daddy will spring for their over-age delinquent sons).

The kicker as their mug shots rolled across the screen came straight out of the loud-mouthed Banfield: "They all look alike!"

Let's give her one for the team!

Probably their uniformly orange jumpsuits and the raw and rugged countenance of their faces is what made the impression. In fact, they are quite distinct from one another in terms of facial features but their macho idiotic and hostile expressions do give off an air of commonality.

With television news bringing so many woeful tidings into the airspace of my home, Banfield's quip gave me a much appreciated laugh today. Thank you, white American biker gangsters, for your little rumble in wacko Waco that has brought us refreshingly different bad news.

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