Friday, May 1, 2015

Love Love Love

A world class healer held a seminar recently and did an experiment with the audience. He asked an attendee with physical pain to be a guinea pig (my words) and sit silently as the rest of us were instructed to think "lovelovelovelovelove" over and over as quickly as possible. We were to send those word-thoughts in her direction.

After a minute, he instructed us to stop and asked the recipient, "How do you feel now?"

She reported that her physical pain had subsided and that a state of peace and calm descended upon her.

Case in point. Whenever obsessive negative thinking overtakes my brain and no logical analysis will stop the trainwreck, I start chanting "lovelovelovelovelove" silently - replacing those daggers of emotion with that high vibration word.

The effect on me is instantaneous, transforming extremely unappealing thoughts and bodily sensations into neutral, happier places.

No need to scale the heights of Himalayan mountain peaks or go to the ends of the earth to find truth. Just keep on thinking "lovelovelovelovelove" nonstop and notice the results.

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