Monday, May 11, 2015

The Flaming Sword

Today a 25 year old rookie policeman of African-American descent was shot in cold-blood. What was not reported was the race of the shooter, who had been stopped for a routine traffic violation. He fired point blank into the officer's body before the officer even had a chance to ask questions.

The reverse has also been happening with frequency, where police officers have willfully shot and killed men of African-American descent for no justifiable reason.

It seems that a cycle of vicious karma is in full swing. Kill and be killed. Despite this troublesome wheel of samsaric hell, the equal and opposite phenomenon is happening on the very same planet.

One frequent reaction of human beings during a catastrophe, either personal or societal, is that their behavior reflects kindness. After September 11th, 2001, New Yorkers exhibited a heretofore unheard of solicitousness in the streets. They felt each other's pain and delivered the balm of compassion.

This higher form of human interaction has been observed in many other scenarios as well when there is no solace except - empathy - and a helping hand.

Observing the suffering of others, delivering kindness is the best gift. One may not be able to change the actual circumstance, but in the inner worlds, a light ray shines through the darkness and healing begins.

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