Monday, February 9, 2015

The Grammys

Last night my son and I watched the overly long Grammy Awards on television. Usually, both of us try to practice loving-kindness, speak at all times with positive words, and see the glass half full. Maybe the stars (in the sky) were in a peculiar alignment, because instead of our usual high-minded attempts, we launched into an evening of star bashing and critiques of Grammy production missteps with hilarity and/or frustration.

The sets were a mishmash of designs; many of the vocalists' voices dropped into the background as a mighty piano drowned them out; and with the exception of Annie Lennox and Rihana, most of the others seems to hold back with lackluster and sometimes out of tune performances. Even worse, many of the songs were an amalgamation of droning pleasanty missing that special something that makes a world sing that song for decades to come.

No doubt some industry insider will read this critique with indignation - and of course all perception is subjective. So this is my take away: whatever it took for those musicians to earn the privilege of standing on that stage demanded a mighty focus and dedication, not to speak of guts.

A world without music would be a world without soul, so my Dracula subpersonality has disappeared with the sunrise. I would like to thank all the musicians of the world who have brought us their songs. They give us energy when we are down, lift us to new heights, and their music is the literally one of the most potent spices of life.

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