Friday, February 27, 2015

Destiny Rides Again

What often seems like a random meeting turns out to be a joining of forces as they intersect, seemingly by chance, at a crossroads. At this point, a form of internal combustion takes place that changes the nature of both entities forever.

One lamp lights another; a spiritual power house can lift up the life of another when they come into contact by the sheer power of presence. Or, it might be the casual word of a stranger, a movie, book or another human being - an auspicious moment can change a life forever for the better.

What creates these kinds of fortunate karmic events are impossible to determine, given the infinite combinations and permutations that bring us to this point. Synchronicity is a wonderful word that encapsulates the inexplicably wondrous ways of the universe.

So let's raise our collective glass and toast to happy co-incidences.

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