Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Bizarre Twists and Turns of Karma

Anyone reading the news or listening to its broadcast version knows about the sadistic killing of a Jordanian pilot by a fanatical group in competition with Adoplh Hitler for "worst brutality of the Millenium."

The pilot's elder brother had saved him from death by fire twice in his early childhood: the first time, when the future pilot accidentally started a blaze, and again when he was poised to stick a nail in an electric socket.

There is a chilling irony that this pilot was burned alive by others, on purpose, in his adulthood - after by his own hand he had almost killed himself with the same element. Most people would say this was a coincidence, but in life there are no co-incidences. Maybe the young child foresaw his fate and attempted to leave in a less punitive manner. Maybe he was preparing himself for the future torture he would endure. 

Only with the panoramic perspective of the All-That-Is would anyone be able to untangle the developments of this now tragic life story. In the meantime, the human race seems to be playing out age-old horrors despite the wondrous advances in technologies of all kinds.

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