Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Advantage of Body Cues

With 20-20 hindsight, it has been observed that decisions made out of fear always turn sour, and the ones born of enthusiasm, joy and keen insight reap golden fruits. This karmic law may not hold true for everyone, but the byways and highways of my journey have proven thus.

Being an Aries and loaded with Aries in many of the 12 Houses, this gives me the impetus to rush headlong into ideas, projects, people, and other intricacies of life when a little patience might serve. On the other hand, if a good opportunity presents itself, this character trait turns into an advantage.

The only measure by which I determine my decisions now is by how I FEEL in the heart-abdomen area. The inevitable wisdom of the body will either give me a joy jolt, a numb and impossible to decipher sensation, or pure dread and anxiety.

Then I get to look into the context. Is the body wisdom tapping into the essence of the situation? Are the bad body vibes really indicative of a "stay away" situation or just my stuff that hasn't been cleared by the pure Light? Or those happy feelings sometimes just wishful thinking overriding reality?

Thus I ponder this morning as I write this blog and avoid facing all sorts of bureaucratic paper pushing.

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