Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Kinetic Action a.k.a Bombing

A coalition of the willing has begun "kinetic action" in Syria. This horrifically abstract term "kinetic action" means in fact "bombing" someone or something on the ground, thousands of feet below those sleek supersonic predators.

This sanitizing of hell on earth with the term "kinetic action" is calculated to numb our minds and distract us from the suffering it causes. It is the evil spin of power brokers who will us to pay our taxes to pay for their super toys.

We now find ourselves in a trap of immense proportions. The chessboard of political missteps has lead to the cancerous grownth of an insane and powerful group that is as dangerous to Islam and the Arab states as to Western powers of the Christian bent. 

The fallout of WWI was extreme poverty and brutal mistreatment and it lead to the rise of an Adolph Hitler. The fire and brimstone of our policies over the past century in the Middle East now give rise to a group whose flag is black. The only other black flag I recall is a skull and crossbones on a pirate ship and is also the signature of the Grim Reaper.

Chilling. A quagmire. Falling into a quicksand. Sawing the branch you're sitting on. This chess game has become deadly.

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