Saturday, September 13, 2014

Real Time?!

The phrase, "happening in real time" lends itself to a philosophical debate if you can find someone willing to contemplate his or her navel along with you.

Example. Death of beloved husband and companion of 30 years. In "real time," he died on June 26, 2014 and as he drew his last breath, the man I knew ceased to be a live human being and became a corpse. Even then, a series of "real time" moments would transform the corpse into a decomposing composite of flesh and blood, soon to become ashes at another point in "real time."

Given that inevitable flux of change in the time-pace continuum, just when does "real time" exist? The minute we exerience the now, which would presumable be called "real time," it has become the past. In fact, if one really ponders this enigma, there is no such thing as the present or "real time" because it changes too quickly to be quantified. Perhaps a atomic scientist could break it down into quarks but no matter how much minutia you apply to the problem, it can't be solved.

Conclusion? There is no such animal as "real time." Dream time perhaps, or interdimensional warps in space, but in fact we are just a stream of past and future memories. The now, or "real time" is simply a construct of our human minds to make us feel as if we are a solid, living entity with a purpose.

Thanks to this illusion, we do get out of bed every morning if we are lucky, brush our teeth if there is water, toothpaste and a brush, and proceed with our daily business. 

So for the navel contemplatives, put that in your pipe and smoke it!

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