Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Warm Heart of Your Loving Mind

"The warm heart of your loving mind" was a song lyric by the great Donovan of yesteryear and forever.

Or as Nelson Mandela said, putting a slightly different twist on it, "A good heart and a good mind are a formidable combination."

And last but not least, a great Tibetan Buddhist teacher said, "Wisdom and compassion are the two wings that fly the bird."

Today for a good while, my heart was sore with sorrow yet my mind was cranking away with creative juices at the editing table. For a long while it seemed impossible that my mind could be alive with alacrity while my heart chakra was roiling. Sometime around early afternoon, the tide of grief subsided in my chest and the bodily sensation returned to a sort of new normal.

Although my heart and mind were out of synch for a spell today, it gives me great joy to report that they are in communication again.


1 comment:

  1. ..this swayed me into grief..... 'fight it compassionately', for it is the love that exists, doing all this. Peleg


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