Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Dream Time of Memory

Outside every window of this island house, one can view an expanse of water; a channel of ever-moving steel gray wavelets that flow between houses, trees and forests looking back at us from across the way. 

As a foreigner to this area and not being particularly inquisitive at the moment, I don't ask my hosts if the water is flowing out to the ocean or coming in to some sort of landmass. Anyway, in the time-space continuum, it matters not. It will all be gone in ten million years. Why waste my breath on useless information as no a-fishing will I go today.

Changing the scene is akin to changing your thoughts, only a lot easier. Here in this house by the sea, one in which I have never stayed before, there are no ghostly reminders of Michael's books, shirts, desk and papers, all lying in wait to vibrate my cells with the disbelief that a human being can simply vanish, leaving behind all the things he or she held so dear.

My heart-mind can't latch onto anything that would trigger the resentment of his disappearance. The laughter and chatter of friends who knew him even longer than me - talking about all their doings together, his behaviors, his place-specific behaviors, all seem real. 

He is alive in the dream time of memory and it feels good.


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  1. ................that is what love can do mama! I believe he is watching you, smiles at you and accompanies you all the time for he lives on, in your big and warm heart! Embrace that love mama. Lots of love. Peleg


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