Saturday, August 16, 2014

Message From Here and the Beyond

Today, in the midst of a respite from the home I shared with my recently deceased husband - on a beautiful island in the Northwest surrounded by old friends - I had a bittersweet stab to my heart. 

Supposedly, people can comment on these blog posts and then they should magically appear toute suite on the back end of the site for my approval to publish or not publish. 

For almost one year, no comments have made it through the blogosphere to hit my blog; undiagnosed cyber trouble which I never bothered to understand or unwind.

About midday as I was innocently checking some backend statistics, a notice appeared that I had 37 comments, an unusual event akin to lucky spermatozoa hitting their target. As they were vetted one by one, I arrived at a comment from June 2, 2014. It read:

Michael Wilson has left a new comment on your post "In the Neutral Zone": 
From Michael, husband of Carole

Human hell is total solitude and this is not the hell I am experiencing. I have the privilege of having my love next to me.
Posted by Michael Wilson to LIVING IN BETWEEN YOUR THOUGHTS at June 2, 2014 at 8:24 AM

It was written 24 days before he died and delivered 51 days after he died. One could either develop deep mistrust for the functionality of the internet or divine some deeper, godlike message from the universe delivered with a bizarre synchronicity.

Whatever the explanation, my dearest man wanted to set the record straight for all times. There is no such thing as hell when love reigns.

Amen, my husband and poet and best friend.

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