Friday, October 13, 2017

Surrounded by Giants

Save for desert dwellers and inhabitants of the Arctic circle, most people on planet earth are surrounded by green and leafy giants - the trees. Environmentalists voice passionate support for their plant friends, but most of us take trees for granted, simply because because they are ubiquitous.

Do you know how many trees you pass on the way to the nearest store? Or how many populate the town or city in which you live?

These tall beings emanate an energy unique to each one, just as humans have distinct fingerprints and singular physical attributes. To tune into each tree-being and then multiply that being-ness by a few billion, it becomes clear...and overwhelming...that the protective force-field emitted by theses guardians of the earth is far more powerful than any nuclear weapon.

Without the trees' oxygen production we would suffocate. Without the respite provided by their shade, we would fry. Let us bow in reverence to the great plant-protectors that befriend us with a quiet and life-giving power.

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