Monday, May 29, 2017


The only thing we know for sure is that every living thing has a finite other words a date with death. Contemplating thus on my garden terrace bursting with verdant life, I wonder: What will this spot look like in 100 years? And then to really up the ante, What would it look like in a billion years?

Given that I am officially a "senior" citizen, for certain there is no way of knowing what my garden and house will look like in that modest 100 year span, let alone a billion years. Every little plant I have nurtured, every artistic touch on my house, will certainly crumble and be no more - or to the contrary, be transformed into something even more glorious. I would wager, however, that in a billion years my environs will either be underwater or a moonscape or dust floating through distant galaxies.

As these musings can only be chalked up to sheer speculation, one thing remains...appreciate appreciate appreciate...and waste no time in being present to the fleeting presence of one's life on earth.

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