Tuesday, November 11, 2014

With the Wave of a Hand

The beauty of existence may shout out with pride: a glorious riot-red sunset, a sleek dolphin airing out over the ocean blue, an Amazion jungle-wonder of plants and birds. The list goes on and on, even now with the world war on Mother Nature.

Yet another wondrous display exists on an invisible level, or at least unknown to many a naked eye. The power of prayer, compassionate intention, the diligent work of hidden yogis and masters who work incessantly for the peace and prosperity of sentient beings.

Last night, I sat in the presence of one of those treasures of humanity; a Tibetan master of ancient age who has had the benefit of 80 plus years of intensive meditative training. Supposed to be absorbed in meditation, I sat with my eyes fixed at a space in front of me, knowing that to stare at the master was not the object of me own exercise.

At a certain moment, his hands started moving ever so gently, subtly, in mudric gestures. Catching this with my peripheral vision, I broke rank with my vow not to stare, and watched as his hands floated through the air in an intention unknown to my intellectual mind.

A jolt of love, intensified blood flowing through my viens, told me that something in those flowing hands was sending out an energy that could heal anything broken in my cellular memory.

This is a humbling experience. Having heard lore of this Lama's indefatigable energy in praying, meditating, helping thousands of people along the way, I think of my own discipline and intentionality.

While it may not be my destiny to have the same drive and will of such a gentle soul, at least I have a knowing of what such intention can do. The signposts are there. Now, walk the path.

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  1. What a beautiful experience...lovely to appreciate the value of peripheral vision ;-)


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