Friday, January 24, 2014

All Hail to Great Beings

I was brought up as a devout atheist but out-of-the-box mystical experiences, in my late teens and onward, rocked my worldview. Although the idea of a God that exists somewhere up in heaven seems implausible, the truth remains that spirits, angels, and other wise beings exist on planes unseen to the average work-a-day mind.

Despite firsthand eyewitness accounts, a certain cynicism has remained with me. While seeing is believing, old thought patterns that counter the "what is" still challenge the birth of expanded consciousness and a reverence for the subtler planes of existence.

For any statements that have been written in this blog to date which offend humans, spirits, angels, ascended masters, mythical beings, gods, or other beneficial entities, I offer my humble apologies. In this spirit, I make an offering of bounty and abundance to you of the other worlds: incense, flowers, music, fruits and vegetables of all kinds, beautiful landscapes, palaces, special retreat places and everything else that cannot be conceived but brings delight and pleasure to your beingness.

And to any beings that are tormented and in this anguish seek revenge, or wish to feed off of human life energy, please accept offerings that fulfill you without harm to others and enable you to be freed into the Light of Being.

So be it. May all beings benefit!

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