Sunday, August 25, 2013

Leave "Names" Out of This

Disclaimer: it doesn't matter whether you attribute the love, compassion, light and grace in your life to God, Allah, Buddha, the All-That-Is, Great Spirit, Infinite Light or any of the thousands of names that tribal peoples around the world may have...or simply refer to these noble qualities as our intrinsic nature (my preference).

Thoughts come floating across my brain on a second-to-second basis and are subjective projections that form my truths. But whatever motivates a person within his or her private universe to become a loving and kind type of human gets my vote. It doesn't matter what you named it when it was born.

And yet, I still have this question for people who believe in an all powerful God: why does so much really bad shit happen if there is One Almighty Power watching over us?

Tea Party members need not reply.


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