Friday, August 16, 2013


It is 7:30AM on a sunny August day in Los Angeles, California. My husband brings me a cup of Morning Thunder tea and sits down beside me for our morning ritual of 29 years -- telling each other the dreams of the night before. His was an odd one; his dream body instructs him to remember upon waking that "he spent 352 hours on his new computer."

Never mind that he doesn't have a new computer, and why the number 352? Thus intrigued, I ventured into the Google search universe and discovered a website about angels, numerology and other items fascinating to a person the likes of myself.

Duly impressed when I actually found the meaning for the number 352, it seemed only fair to compliment the creator of the site with a "comment." But I got lost in a maze of cyber-clicks and in a case of sheer synchronicity landed as a squatter on a site called An invention within the Google universe, it provides users with their very own blog site, gratis. As Facebook and Twitter don't provide enough bandwidth to develop thoughtful ideas, the blog-o-sphere seemed like a tempting confessional, although the idea of blogging had never occurred to me until that very moment.

Just two years ago, I survived a near-death experience thanks to cancer and chemo. Let's face it -- an event like that causes one to stop and ponder the future of earthly existence and how one will pass the time henceforth. Something in me lit up at the challenge of writing one blog per day for 365 days. Perhaps the motivation sprang from a desire to pour myself back into the world of human activity, albeit in a rather disembodied form.

Living In Between Your Thoughts refers to the empty-full space where there is freedom from conceptual thinking and simple wide-open consciousness. This blog ruminates on the magical display of appearances w
e call our world; a highly personal commentary on the infinite ways we humans live our existence on planet earth.
The Guardian, oil & gold leaf, 36x48" by Carole Wilson

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