Sunday, May 6, 2018

Looking for Love in War

When one becomes embroiled in a battle, whether it be a personal affair, a lawsuit, or an actual war, what is the cause for this eruption of disharmony?

At the most basic level, one could boil it down to a fear that one's needs are not being met, or that they are being threatened. Along with food, water and shelter, saftey is a key emotional and physical component that us humans -   and all creatures - require for a life well-lived.

While we all strive for harmony, it is conflicting perceptions that make us feel something will be taken from us if we do not fight to justify our position.

At the root of this miserable life-style lies the culprit: ego, that aspect of mind that spins a story and then commands its host (us) to do what the ego deems right and justified. Whatever opposes us also has an ego-driven story, spun from the bowels of deception as well. Thus, phantom fights phantom in an unreal world that appears so real.

Only when we become aware of that which drives the ego - that which can demystify "the story" and uncover the fear and its antidote love that lies hidden below - can we hit the source, the motherload, of all-that-is. Rich beyond all riches, the life source with never-ending solace and love. And then we rest in peace.

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  1. a respectful comment. Motherload should be motherlode


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