Friday, March 11, 2016

The Crack in the Liberty Bell

If, in his rise to power, Hitler's rallies had been disrupted to the point where he did not speak, would this now be frowned upon, given the deadly consequences of his rhetoric?

Twenty years from now, would we regret not having pushed against a vile, cunning and power-hungry narcissist named Donald J. Trump?

On the other hand, his most prominent GOP rival Ted Cruz presents an equally diabolical alternative. Caught between a rock and a hard spot? In the frying pan versus the fire?

Although the above truisms have lasted for many a decade and still ring true, Senator Lindsey Graham coined a new phrase worthy of recording in the annals of time. He was asked which fellow Republican he would support in the GOP race: Trump or Cruz?

He replied, "You are asking me if I would rather be poisoned or shot!"

Ah yes, the nature of samsara. Our time on this earth is all too short and yet somehow, what we do, what we say, is all so important. 

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