Thursday, October 22, 2015

I am Jewel-ish

The lingering dreamworld colors first waking moments this morning. Recurrent themes in dreams are yet more remarkable - the mind's Greatest Hits. 

In 3D existence, one of the greatest hits to my inner child is the critical view held by father about my spiritual life. Granted, we were in complete agreement as to the non-existence of God, but apparently it was an incomplete consensus.

At age 19, standing on the steps of the most sacred pyramid in the Mayan empire, a column of light-energy descends from the sky and shoots straight into my crown chakra. It is the first time this physical container experiences "getting high."  (Note: no puff of marijuana or any other mind-altering substance had graced my bloodstream at that age...later.)

Henceforth, my life path veers away from the road most traveled and I leap into the void.

Decades after a declaration of independence from my parents' worldview, old age ripens the fruit of their loins. In last night's dream I cannot remain at a special ceremony with my Buddhist teacher because of a family demand. Frustration, anger, and fear of losing my teacher's blessings jolt me into wakefulness.

I reflect: the dreamworld reveals my anxieties but cannot dictate conscious choices. Relieved that this insight remains firm in my waking mind, I am free to muse about the fun qualities of my father.

He was a jokester and quipped with annoying frequency, "Are you Jewel-ish?" His play on words deflected the anti-semitic notion of the Jew, a label that plagued his earlier years.

Today, I can say with complete certainty, "I am Jewel-ish." Born a Jew, adopting the Jewel in the Lotus as my life path, and bearing French citizenship, "I am Jewel-ish" describes my being perfectly.

At last! I have pinpointed my gestalt in this incarnation.

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