Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Giant Awakened

While ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups pique fear and loathing in the collective western mindset, in fact they are a diversion from the real threat - China. Just as the world ignored or rationalized Hitler's military buildup pre-WWII, China's massive buildup of all manner of weaponry has gone unreported by the mainstream media.

With China's oceanic brain pool of computer-savvy, government-trained computer hackers, the United States looks more like a sitting duck in the cross hairs of a hunter than a mighty world power.

The denial or inability of the U.S. government to function rationally in assessing its needs will lead us into a dysfunctional society. We don't need more nukes but there is a brain drain at the most basic levels, where education of our young is relegated to third class status in terms of state and government expenditures.

This short-sightedness not only cripples the country in terms of training our young for high-tech jobs and occupations requiring rigorous training; programs promoting the arts, music, and other community building skills have fallen by the wayside, victims of Congressional cuts to the budget in favor of military spending for wars in Middle Eastern deserts.

Rome rose and fell, as have many other mighty empires. If the citizens of our country continue to stock Congress with right-wing demigods, we will look like a Third World country within a few generations...and will have no one to thank but our own short-sightedness.

Denial is dangerous. Clear vision can save the day. Everyone has the responsibility to start where they are and act accordingly to create a smarter, more compassionate society.

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