Saturday, June 6, 2015

It Ain't Permanent

One of the worst nightmares for a vain or insecure woman is going to a hairdresser for a trim and having 3 inches of hair lopped off. In reality, this is hardly a cause for extreme distress, given the tidal wave of terrible abuses that abound in the world. Nonetheless, it is remarkable how an undesired butcher job on a gal's hairdo can cause such upset.

Likewise, for one who has a lush garden needing a little trim, it is horrifying to come home and see that the "expert" hired to shape a tree or overgrown bushes has cut them almost to the ground. Bare, twisted trunks writhe in pain as the scalped limbs bespeak a debacle vested upon them.

Having experienced both scenarios at least three times, these events no longer cause me to complain in vain. Hair grows back. Plants regenerate. Months or a year later, all is well again. Besides, these are First World problems.

Life is impermanent, nothing is permanent and rebirth always follows loss. My hair and the plants in the garden have taught me such. 


  1. Great post Carole. You're so right! That happened to my hair when I was pregnant with my youngest... turned out to be 5 inches. He started with the back so once it happened, there was no turning back. It did grow long again, however. Then... my rose bushes were cut literally to the ground by an over zealous gardener. Tiny little stubs I thought would never grow came back better than ever. Those are definitely First World Problems. The transformation that happens after the loss of a loved one takes more tending than hair or rose bushes. After my son died, I learned the heart will heal, it's just changed forever.

  2. The heart will heal. It is just changed forever. What words of wisdom from one who has walked through the fire.


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