Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Shower of Flowers

The news on television blares out the distressing report of a 7.8 earthquake in Nepal which will effect the impoverished region for a century to come. Commercial break. Another black man has had his life extinguished, his beautiful neck crushed by heavy police hands as he lay face down on cement.

I close my eyes to pray/meditate/take the psychic temperature of "the what is." A shower of snow white flowers cascades down and around a maiden as she lifts her sweet face to the heavens and raises her hands in exaltation. Her flowing hair is crowned with a wreath of delicate petals; marvels of Mother Nature.

Somewhere in the inner worlds, Grace is flowing and all is well. So for those of us who are healthy, well fed, and live with a roof over our heads, may gratitude for the benevolence of life prevail even as we reach out to help where chasms have widened over a dark gulf.


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