Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cherish the Moment

A life well lived requires a delicate balance of maneuvers that resemble a pair of Olympic skaters on ice doing their artful dance. The lucky humans of this earth have the privilege of working hard at a goal of their choice and witnessing the fruits of their labors of love.

But like those superb athletes who gather from the four corners of the earth to shine (or not) on the Olympic platform, even the most well-rehearsed and diligently prepared can fall. Hard. And lose their dream of gold.

Gold is a precious metal, a word, a commodity of trade, a coating for teeth and silver jewelry, among many other uses. For the mystics of the world, gold is a Light whose presence represents the supreme energies of love and transcendence from the suffering of the human ego.

What separates us from the athletes who fall on ice and lose their dream of the gold metal hanging around their neck? Although they can try again, there is no guarantee of winning the gold on the second time around, four years into the future.

Perhaps evolution of consciousness is what we mortals have going for us. We may fall hard, but never is there a time when we can affirm that all is lost and the chance might never come again. Sure, in the material world that might happen, but our lives are lived from the inside. And in that wonderful space of awareness, whether one wins, loses, or doesn't play at all, transformation is always an option.

While hope can be the enemy of the "what is," on another level it provides a vision of the inherent freedom that lies in wait deep inside the human heart.

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