Thursday, September 19, 2013

Karl Rove and the Pope

These days, humanitarianism is the only religion worth practicing in our global village. However, the globalism to which I refer does not apply to mall developers who advocate branding our planet with Starbucks, McDonalds, Walmarts, and Radio Shacks in every mega-complex east and west of the Mississippi.

I am an anthropologist by training. Thus, I cherish cultures for their unique habits, costumes, languages, headgear (especially of the beaded and feathered kind), and the myriad of other doodads that make people magnificently unique - and OK, their religious beliefs too. Note: I say "beliefs," as opposed to direct experience with an All Powerful Something-or-other.

Propagating humanitarian philosophies hit a basic level that does not negate individuality. Universal values such as human compassion, empathy and a responsibility for one's fellow wo-man are basic to our nature and transcend all differences. At the core of all varieties of human expression, there is a river that runs deep: smiles are universal. So is caring for the young and in the best case scenarios the sick and the old.

And this is where strange bedfellows - Karl Rove and the Pope - have gotten my vote today, for the first time in my own life on planet ocean. Yes, today Karl Rove chastised his fellow House Republicans, the monsters of his own creation, for wanting to shutdown the government unless Obamacare is revoked. He wants to keep this new healthcare law, eons in the making and a godsend to many of us. Wonder of wonders, what new humanitarian world have I woken up to this morning?

Perhaps Karl Rove has a family member with cancer, or someone who takes blood pressure medication and sleeping pills when they fly to another time zone - which DISQUALIFIES THEM FROM HEALTH INSURANCE the way it stands now, until Obamacare is enacted.. Could it be that some bizarre stroke of personal compassion has slipped into his heart?

And then the Pope, who is a refreshing change from a long line of bloodsuckers that twisted Christ's message of universal Love into a church of bigoted doctrines. Today, the Pope chastised his clergy for focusing too much on rules and regulations which disenfranchise a large number of the faithful, including the homosexual and the ones who want to control how many children they have in this dangerously overpopulated planet.This new breed of religious leader also gets my vote; one who cares more for his flock than outdated rules set in place for god knows what nefarious political/economic reasons over the centuries.

I applaud anyone who can evolve and change with the "what is," to see and understand that we need to live together in order to survive together. So today, I tip my invisible hat to the most unlikely candidates for exhibiting at least a smidgeon of common sense...Karl Rove and the Pope.

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