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The Rancored and Defiled

Historically, the majority of humanity have gazed at the moon and observed a glowing whitish-yellow ball in the sky, whether it be  full, waning or waxing, yet never gotten further than a cursory glance.
What makes certain individuals think out of the box to formulate an understanding of how the moon effects the tides, growing seasons and all kind of earthly behaviors remains a mystery. It's obvious that certain people are gifted with an unusual creative intelligence that allows its human to understand the what, where, whys and hows of this world. Thus a scientist is born.
Another kind of exploration involves the observation of one's mind, a universe unto itself. The unexamined Self becomes susceptible to the many ills plaguing mankind: fear, anxiety, depression, paranoia, imagined scenarios believed to be real, violence against self or others, and a litany of unimaginable crimes besetting mankind.
It takes an equally unusual person to plumb the depths of his or her psyche to…