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Thirty Days Into Rebirth

In the sixth month of the Gregorian calendar, day twenty-six, a once in a lifetime event occurred - the death of my husband Michael. Although he was lover, friend, creative partner and dishwasher par excellence, nonetheless a vicious army of cancer cells swept over the terrain of his inner landscape. Breaking through cell walls, vanquishing bone, crushing together delicate brain tissues, this bodily terrorist silently and methodically snuffed out his life.

Three weeks postmortem, I make a visit to a chiropractor. The indistinct sciatica in my left thigh has entered front and center stage during the five week period between my husband's diagnosis of lung cancer and his death. No time for that dull limb pain to take precendent when the king is dying; no time for anything but the joy of seeing his smile when I come into the room to say good morning with fresh orange juice or a cup of tea. Some mornings I can't wait to see him and rush into the room to kiss his still tanned face, r…